When I first got involved with the Internet, I made games in an MS-DOS game creation system known as ZZT. I published games under the name Newt. I haven’t been involved with ZZT since 2002 (with the exception of a 24 Hours of ZZT collaboration with WiL back in 2005) , when I released my last game, but there’s still a thriving community and impressive archives of games at Z2.

Below are my ZZT games. You’ll need ZZT (available at Z2) if you want to play these:

  • Bob: The Adventure, Bob II: A New Adventure, Ancient Castle of the Dogs. These games suck. Like, really suck. Don’t play them. 1997.
  • The Punctuation People. A Mario-inspired side-scroller. June 1998.
  • Parallel Universe: Chapter 1. This was meant to be the first in an epic series reminescent of Chronos’s Chrono Wars. But it wasn’t. July 1998.
  • Night Conjure. My entry for the very first 24 Hours of ZZT competition. A decent RPG. July 1998.
  • Jack O’Lantern. An expansive Halloween adventure game set in a mansion. October 1998.
  • Zem!. A Lemmings/Creepers-inspired puzzler. Primitive, but I’ve been told it’s fun. November 1998.
  • Zem! 2. More Lemmings-like than its predecessor, this game actually became somewhat-kind-of popular. January 1999.
  • Zem! 2 Level Pack. Many players said the first Zem! 2 was too simple. In answer to this, many ZZTers submitted levels that were included in this much more challenging pseudosequel. July 1999.
  • Zem! X. My last released ZZT game before my official retirement from ZZT. Zem the lemming is back, but this time, instead of controlling Zem, you play Ben Walker, a lemming hunter, who has to rescue Zem before he gets himself killed. February 2002.
  • AdversiTurtle. An adventure game collaboration with WiL Whitlark for the 2003 Spring 24 Hours of ZZT (topic: “Adversity”). 2003/2009.

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