World Cup? More like…


Lead ace Slovenia National Football Team star Samir Handanovič to win the WORLD SHMUP as you fight against players from America, Algeria, and England. Just like in the real 2010 World Cup!

  • Photorealistic backgrounds (it is a photograph)
  • Eye-popping fullscreen 320×240 resolution
  • Real music stolen from the real World Cup 2010 (and elsewhere!)
  • Over 4 different enemy types from 3 enemy teams!
  • Characteristically metaphorical video game final showdown and ending!

This game turned out to be pretty hard, too! So, if you’re having trouble with the level, you can use these codes (which will punish your score):

  • Y+W will warp you to right before the end.
  • H+K will refill your life gauge.


Made for Glorious Trainwrecks’s Klik of the Month Klub #36 event, June 2010. Glorious Trainwrecks page.

1 “Shmup” is another name for the “shoot ’em up” genre of video games.

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