Welcome to 2012! Since the year began, I’ve been working on a single-screen platformer in the style of old Apogee games like Monuments of Mars to be done by the end of the month (here’s the SelectButton thread if you wanna follow its progress). Tonight, however, was a Glorious Trainwrecks Timezone Lottery Klik Jam, so I hijacked everything I’ve been working on in “Ruins” and made The Adventures of Bulb Boy, another single-screen platformer, but with a different sort of way to fight your enemies: Raise your electrowand to attract a beam of electricity from the nearby power coils and zap them!

It’s a tiny bit buggy, and I’m a little dissatisfied with the later levels. But I think it’s a pretty good start for the idea, and I may well return to this, or at least its basic concept, at some point in the future.


X – Jump
Z – Raise wand
C – Switch power coils on and off

S – Save
R – Restore
E – Retry level

The font used is “Slanted” by Anna Anthropy.  There’s a saving system not because I really wanted there to be one, but because I left one in from the other game I built this on.

Glorious Trainwrecks page.  Direct download (2MB).


About John D. Moore

Writer, cartoonist, filmmaker, and student of Japanese language, literature, and cinema at the University of Utah.

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