Five years ago, my good friend, WiL Whitlark, a talented and skilled musician who has brain, heard me singing. He was awestruck. Eyes wide and smiling, he informed me I had one of the worst singing voices he had ever heard and insisted that we needed to record it. Thus, The Crap Album was born.

The Crap Album was never completed, but it was to be an awesome concept album. The hook was that I was a horrible singer who had an aversion to crap. I would then proceed to sing songs, some good some bad, terribly. Eventually, I would come to terms with crap, learning to embrace it and to be comfortable with the fact that I was capable of producing it.

Eventually, Enoch Allred, Patrick Svensson, and WiL himself joined me on some vocal tracks to create a group we called John Moore and the Lion Kings. It was silly; it was fun.

Most of this stuff I’m not going to release, but I thought I’d share my spoken word cover of Britney Spears’s hit single, “…Baby One More Time.” WiL provides the piano accompaniment. Note that at the time, I wasn’t fully comfortable with swearing and utter a severely pronounced “Gosh!” that sounds awkward as all hell.

I’ll probably upload some more later. Enjoy. If you can.


About John D. Moore

Writer, cartoonist, filmmaker, and student of Japanese language, literature, and cinema at the University of Utah.

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  1. I was touched deeply by this spoken-word version of Britney’s hit. Bravo. I would love to hear more spoken word versions from this artist. Also, Crap! is on my Zune.

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