As much fun as it has been to hold this blog at precisely 50 posts (I do love my multiples of ten), I actually have been meaning to come back to this blog at some point. Part of the problem with long breaks is that they’re hard to break out of. One feels a responsibility for explaining the termination of one’s unannounced retirement by making the post seem inspired by some remarkable event or epiphany. At the very least, make it seasonal. Originally, I had intended to tie it into the Ides of March. Then the vernal equinox. But then I missed those. So, fucking it, I’ve decided to just go ahead with it.

March 22nd, however, is a mere 3 months away from Chow Day. Chow Day, if you’re unfamiliar, is the annual, June 22nd observation of Stephen Chow’s genius (and his birthday). I’d intended to wait until I had written a bit more content myself before unveiling it, but I’ve started a new Stephen Chow-centric wiki. Peruse. Contribute. Etc.

Improvising a film is difficult to do. Some friends from Bombdotcom and I sat down and tried to riff something to be done in one long, continuous take on Saturday. It was fun, but we ultimately realized that we had nothing (and I kept laughing every time Patrick said his drink tasted like fish, effectively stymieing further progress). However, I’m going to try to turn the 15 minutes of footage we got into something. This shit could get Lynchian.

This summer promises to be a more productive one for us at Bombdotcom Productions. Several projects are in development. I’ll keep you posted on any significant progress.

On a personal note, I have rejoined the one job-working population. Again, I have sworn off the world of retail but good (last time, it lasted about 3 months). Strangely, in the time that I’ve spent away from it, I’m nostalgic for my old days at JCPenney.

Finally, if you’re not reading Dinosaur Joe, you’re wrong to not be doing so. Fantastic, revelatory developments over there lately.


About John D. Moore

Writer, cartoonist, filmmaker, and student of Japanese language, literature, and cinema at the University of Utah.

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  1. Zijjo says:

    You have inspired me I’ll shall post on Dinosaur Joe sometime this week… oops I revealed my secret identity.Oh and you said 3 days instead of three months. I see a new blog post from you soon *winks*

  2. Zijjo says:

    I still haven’t seen a post correcting yourself.

  3. I just edited the post. I’ve decided against drawing attention to my shameful error. Thanks for pointing it out.

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