Internet fatigue. You know you love the Internet. You know there’s a virtually unlimited amount of things you can do with the Internet (sure, a lot of them involve fetishes you don’t have), but once you’ve run through your usual ‘net routine, you’re at a loss.

So, I’ve decided to list what my usual routine consits of nowadays. In case you’re looking for something new to add to yours:

  • Google. Okay, you’ve been to Google. But ever since I’ve begun using Google’s personalized desktop, which combines all my Google services as well as news headlines and any number of optional gadgets, my web browsing experience has vastly improved. I’m actually using their calendar feature because I remember to check it when it’s on the same page as my Gmail.
  • Slate. I may be late on jumping aboard the Slate train, but their daily updates provide me with insightful (and I daresay witty), high-caliber magazine articles every day. I’m currently enjoying their continuing discussion of my current television obsession, The Wire.
  • Dinosaur Joe. The best blog on the Internet? Perhaps. I make a point of getting into every discussion on this, the relatively new blog of a friend of mine.
  • Permanent Monday. “A week of Garfield. Every week. Until we die.” Before Dinosaur Joe launched, I was calling this my favorite corner of the web. Sadly, blogmaster Chris Stangl has fallen severely behind in updates, but I’m sure he’ll return one day. I occasionally jump into the explorations of the themes of Garfield strips, which I had long ago written off as pure drivel.
  • Creased Comics. You may know Brad Neely as the mad genius responsible for Wizard People, Dear Reader and the most brilliant George Washington music video. Neely also runs this webcomic, which has only been updated once since its launch. What’s there, however, is gold. I still check obsessively for updates. Also recommended: Perry Bible Fellowship.
  • I love Hong Kong film. I also love LoveHKFilm. The write-ups on Hong Kong cinema news and reviews are snarky but come from a sincere passion for the region and its movies.

There you have it. Maybe there’s something new and interestinf for you. If you have any suggestions for what I might like to add to my (almost hourly) routine, feel free to leave suggestions.


About John D. Moore

Writer, cartoonist, filmmaker, and student of Japanese language, literature, and cinema at the University of Utah.

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  1. The Doifter says: once a weekday, if you don’t already.

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