Eight years ago today, I uploaded my first website, Newt’s Pond, to Geocities. Newt was my game programming alias, used particularly for ZZT game development. Along with my games, the site was home to “Moo@You,” a page that exhorted readers to go into IRC channels and repeatedly type “moo” with a varying number of o’s, and game reviews that never reached below a score of 83 with write-ups that consisted of lines like “One of the best war games out there.” whatnot is, in many ways, an extension of that first site.

Last weekend, I did an interview at ZZTer cly5m’s site. It was a good deal of fun getting caught up in the nostalgia of the era that defined my adolescence. And I felt just a little bit like a celebrity.

Today, I’ve added a short story I wrote a few months back. It’s called Mike Was Going to Kill a Dude. It’s a little rough.

Last night, I watched Robert Altman’s A Prairie Home Companion. In short, I’d recommend it; it was great.


About John D. Moore

Writer, cartoonist, filmmaker, and student of Japanese language, literature, and cinema at the University of Utah.

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