Regardless of what I’m working on, I always want to be working on something else. In the midst of trying to finish my script for a film called “The Mustache,” I’ve ended up writing half the screenplay for another project I’ve been thinking about, “Purple Blob Things.” “The Mustache” is set to begin filming next Saturday. There’s just one scene left to write, but damned if it just isn’t coming. It’ll happen, though.

It will be the first Bombdotcom movie in over a year. Considering that this time we’re not working with a deadline (our last production, “The Great Sandwich Adventures” was shot in the three days before it was due and was still being edited an hour before the deadline), I’m going to really take some time to polish up the editing. “The Mustache” will star Mark Andrus and Sam Butler.

With any luck, this summer, we’ll also get around to shooting something I intended to direct last summer entitled “The Importance of Tolerance.” Most the cast dropped out at the last minute (okay, in all fairness, it was a full three hours before we were supposed to begin shooting) and the project fell through. Also, we’re considering shooting one of Joseph Schlegel’s scripts.

New on the site today is my latest entry into the Drawing Board‘s monthly drawing jam – a rendition of actress Kristin Kreuk.

Today, I came across a trailer for a Legend of Zelda feature-length fan film currently in postproduction. While the actual finished product will likely be of dubious quality, it’s an endeavor I can totally support. I will admit that deep inside me, there is a desire to be a part of something that I love so much that I’d be willing to totally ruin for everyone else by making a shitty film.

This morning, I’ve finished watching an anime that many friends cite as among their favorites, GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka. I, too, was totally caught up in the escapades of the greatest teacher Japan has ever seen, despite a few points of frustration (the Vice Principal character, for one). But I’d recommend it.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted about the production of “The Mustache” as it progresses.


About John D. Moore

Writer, cartoonist, filmmaker, and student of Japanese language, literature, and cinema at the University of Utah.

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